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Youth Unmployment Event

Ecco Chamber

Fortnightly Italian news made in South Africa

 I edition September 2023

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SMILE Rugby Event Cape Town

 Italy VS All Blacks


Workshop: The State of AI and AI in Corporate Governance

13 - 19

Settimana della Cucina Italiana


European Chambers' 2nd Golf Day Cape Town

Chamber's Note


Nothing is quite so satisfying as the cool contrast between various colours, tastes and sounds. The smooth blacks and whites of a marble chess board, the sweetness of a grape paired with a sharp cheese, or the cutting melody of a violin upon the arpeggios of a cello. Unintuitive as it may seem, such contrasts are complementary and even harmonious. The last few weeks, the Chamber has had an opportunity to explore some complementing contrasts, including both preparation for an upcoming seminar on youth unemployment, as well as for the upcoming Casa Serena fundraising ball, a Women’s Month event, and a SMILE event among Ferraris that brought out the boyish fantasies in many of our members.


The Women’s Month event provided a valuable platform for a discussion about women conquering class ceilings, and featured speakers who had done just that. The Youth Unemployment event will raise serious questions about the future of our young people and strategies which could ensure the best-case scenario for them. The Casa Serena Ball will make for a wonderful evening where our older generation will mingle and dance to their hearts’ content. The SMILE Event had small and medium enterprise representatives networking and building connections across various fields.


Our community varies immensely in its membership, and therein lies perhaps some clue as to the way in which so-called ‘contrasting’ concepts can result in harmony. Whether one is old or young, man or woman, South African or Italian, there is a commonality which runs throughout. Commonality is essential to the very notion of an opposite. Night and day are only opposing because they have occupation of the sky in common. Once one realises the importance of bringing together these seemingly contrasting aspects, we can create something special; like a beautiful checkmate, an excellent charcuterie board (something particularly important to our members), or a symphony.


The Chamber looks forward to seeing you at our events, we hope they provide something new for you. Moreso perhaps, we look forward to seeing what you can bring to the ever divergent and simultaneously consistent environment that is the South-African Italian community.

Join us for Casa Serena's annual spring ball to support the elderly of our community

Casa Serena Fundraising Ball 2023 - image.png

Be ready for an exquisite evening of authentic Italian food by Settebello, live entertainment and an opportunity to participate in a raffle/auction for exclusive prizes.

Support our community of elderly and volunteers that are making our residents' life one of fulfillment and dignity.

*For further information, please email




Cheque Account



IN 2040

A discussion forum on how to tackle
youth unemployment in South Africa

Most companies are trying to learn more about their possibilities to increase youth employment - here is an event that will provide helpful insights.

Dr. Maximilian Matschke spent more than 5 years conducting extensive field research in townships across South Africa, interviewing more than 100 experts, and analysing statistical data. He believes by building various well-researched and documented scenarios, tangible solutions can be found and made available to companies active in the South African business landscape.

This research culminated in his PhD which concludes with 4 different scenarios by 2040. These are presented in his book “Youth Unemployment Scenarios in South Africa in 2040”.

Despite South Africa's current political and economic situation, Max is convinced there are concrete and achievable solutions at hand. During this event, he will take us through a number of scenarios and present possible strategies for businesses to fight youth unemployment. The event, which is co-hosted with other European Chambers, will include an informative presentation and engaging discussion; an interactive platform for guests to contribute actively. It promises to be memorable and impactful.

Youth unemployment event png1.png

The event will encourage lively inter-chamber exchange and networking possibilities.

All participants will have an opportunity to take home a copy of the latest book on this topic to study this challenge further and identify possible pathways to lower youth unemployment.

Date and Time:

26th September 2023 | 07:30am for 8:00am



Glenshiel House, Westcliff

Recap of



on August 24, 2023

Delicious Settebello catering, a display of Ferraris, and a night in good company. What more could you ask for from a SMILE event brought to you by the Italian Chamber of Trade and Industries, COMITES Johannesburg and Salvo Technical Forensic Management at Carrozzeria, Official Ferrari Panel Shop South Africa. Well, the answer to that is a meaningful gathering of small and medium-sized Italian enterprises, exchanging ideas and forming invaluable connections with one another.

The evening opened at 6pm when guests arrived at Carrozzeria, greeted by superb catering and a drinks selection, courtesy of Settebello and in the presence of beautiful Italian automotive engineering, courtesy of the Ferraris at Carrozzeria. What better way to host a SMILE event than to do it among the culinary and mechanical achievements which take place when Italian business minds get together.

When attendees weren’t blissfully occupied by the cars and the food, they had a chance to talk with each other in the organic and constructive manner that has come to characterise our SMILE Events.

The speakers at the event included the Chamber’s own Secretary-General, Pamina Bohrer, remarking on the aptness of hosting such an event, an indication of the flourishing Italian-South African business community, at Carrozzeria – a symbol of Italian excellence. Afterwards, our guests were treated to a talk by Ufficiale Salvatore Cristaudi, of Salvo, who spoke about the importance of friendship, respect, hard work and enthusiasm – values that have permeated throughout Salvo’s work and that of his company. Indeed, such values have come to characterise the engagement of SMILE members, who seek not only to look for contacts and opportunities to their advantage, but also to the advantage of the community in which they operate. When one harnesses the fuel that is the entrepreneurial desire to succeed, and places it in a machine built with the goodwill and community of our members, a podium finish is all but guaranteed, and the prosecco showers are all the sweeter.

Finally, Joaquin Valverde presented an original Ferrari Clock created by Ivano Sega of Carrozzeria, the proceeds of which went to Casa Serena retirement village, focusing particularly on the need to install infrastructure at the village in light of the ever-present issue of loadshedding. The bidding began at R10 000, and by the end of the auction the timepiece was sold for R17 000 to Sandra Moya (pictured above). This, in conjunction with the money to be raised at the upcoming Casa Serena Ball, all goes towards ensuring that the older members of the community are well taken care of.

All in all, the night proved to be a great success. Members commented on all aspects of the evening, from the food to the drinks, to the cars, to the speeches and to the connections made. Many a smile could be seen on the faces of attendees, with a sense that our fine-oiled machine is only just beginning to take shape.

Recap of



A Symposium on Women's Advancement in the Private and Public Sectors

Distinguished personalities and accomplished women spanning diverse sectors convened at the highly anticipated commemorative event during Women's Month: "Breaking Barriers and Advancing Women's Advancement in the Private and Public (PP) Sectors." The event took place at the premises of NEDBANK Head Offices on the 17th of August, 2023. United by a shared dedication to surmounting the challenges posed by the glass ceiling and fostering the empowerment of women within professional settings, this significant assembly marked a pivotal juncture in the ongoing progression towards inclusivity. It displayed an instrumental platform for recognizing and honoring women hailing from various spheres of life and vocations.

Organized by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in RSA in collaboration with the Belgian Chamber of Commerce for South Africa, Business Ireland, the Italian South African Chamber of Trade and Industries, the Nordic-South African Business Association, the SwissCham Southern Africa – South Africa Chapter and, hosted by NEDBANK.

women's Claudine_edited.jpg

Prior to the commencement and cordial reception, Mrs. Elelwani Pandelani extended a gracious welcome to all attendees in her role as the host and representative of Nedbank. Serving as the Head of Non-Resident & Embassy Banking, Mrs. Pandelani set the tone for the event, underlining the bank's commitment to fostering meaningful connections with both residents and international representatives.

"The commencement and warm reception was led by Ms. Sandra Kramer, the Ambassador representing the EU Delegation in South Africa. Addressing the distinguished attendees as the second female Ambassador at the EU Delegation in South Africa, Ms. Kramer exuded a profound sense of elation, celebrating the acknowledgment of women as formidable forces. This marked a significant moment highlighting the growing recognition of their influence and capabilities."

The keynote address was orchestrated by Manuela Sanchez Aragu, an esteemed Business Management & Leadership Academic renowned for her expertise, and General Manager of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce RSA. In her discourse, she delineated the historical trajectories of women's empowerment in Europe and South Africa. Moreover, she astutely counseled the distinguished attendees, presenting sophisticated strategies for adeptly navigating the multifaceted terrains of corporate and public sectors.

During the breaks of the event, attendees were treated to a captivating fashion walk-about by Desigual, a renowned Spanish fashion brand that has recently inaugurated its stores in South Africa, located in Johannesburg (Sandton) and Pretoria (Menlyn). The brand's clothing collection presents distinctive attire that empowers individuals to radiate their own individual brilliance.

women's panel_edited.jpg

Under the skillful moderation of Ms. Pamina Bohrer, a distinguished figure as the Secretary General of both the EU Chambers and the Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industires, the panel discussion encouraged discourse between women that have achieved remarkable progress in their respective professional journeys within the public and private sectors. Among the distinguished voices were Mrs. Aurora Carbonel de Barnola, Consul of the Embassy of Spain in South Africa; Ms. Nadia Starr, CEO of SAQA; Dr. Fabiola Quesada, Founder and Executive Director of the Wild Spirit Fund; Ms. Carike Pieters, Country Manager of Soudal; Ms. Rachel O’Neal, Country Head of Novartis; Ms. Rashmee Ragaven, Director of Manufacturing at DTiC & InvestSA; and Dr. Ntombi Mhangwani, a key figure in Gender Equity Forum Partnership at Nedbank. Throughout the session, these accomplished women shared their diverse experiences gained from their respective organizational engagements. Their narratives served as inspiration, propelling them to transcend barriers and conquer the glass ceiling, collectively fueling their drive to soar higher in their pursuits.

A globally acclaimed jewelry designer, Jenna Clifford, celebrated for her distinctive creations and exceptional artistry, and recognized as a staunch advocate for women's empowerment, offered a special tribute and address. Her words were directed towards the Secretary-Generals of the diverse European Chambers, whose substantial contributions to Foreign Direct Investment in South Africa stand as a testament to their unyielding commitment. These visionary leaders, who tirelessly foster international collaboration, rightfully deserve recognition for their dedicated endeavors.

Wrapping up the proceedings, Mrs. Tshepo Ncube, Vice President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce RSA, took the stage to deliver the closing address. She extended her congratulations to all the organizations that had played a role in orchestrating the event, emphasizing how it had provided a platform for our daughters and children to aspire to unparalleled excellence, undeterred by any obstacles.

Women's event_edited.jpg

The organizers extend their heartfelt appreciation to all participants and extend special recognition to NEDBANK for their steadfast support and invaluable contributions to this significant occasion. Through our collaborative efforts, we are dedicated to achieving excellence and acknowledgment as women. Furthermore, the organizers wish to convey their deepest gratitude and unwavering backing to all the women who have courageously embarked on the journey to challenge workplace norms. Their trailblazing endeavors have paved a transformative path for the generations to come.

Author: Priority Shikwambana, Spanish Chamber of Commerce RSA

European Chambers' 4th

Golf Day Johannesburg


Green Simple Minimalist Golf Tournament Flyer.png

Practical information 

The fourth edition of the European Chambers’ Golf Day, an event that has become an annual feature for the local and international business community active in Gauteng; 9 organizing Business Chambers, totaling a network of over 1,500 corporate members

• Austrian Business Chamber (ABC) 

• Belgian Chamber of Commerce for Southern Africa (BCCSA) 

• French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FSACCI) 

• Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SAGCC) 

• Business Ireland Southern Africa 

• Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries 

• Nordic-South African Business Association (NSBA) 

• South African Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (SAPCC) 

• Spanish Chamber of Commerce in South Africa 

The venue is the Randpark Golf Club, one of the top Golf courses in Gauteng, with modern facilities and a comfortable venue to accommodate the guests.

Expected attendance of 240 players, plus the guests of the respective Business Chambers and a number of local and international VIPs. 

Ample opportunity to network, before and after the golf competition, during the prize-giving ceremony, and at the buffet dinner. 

The price for the four-ball is R5500 (excl. VAT), including snacks and dinner, drinks, and golf giveaway goodies. 

For more information regarding these sponsoring packages, please get in touch with Patricia Miliakidis at . 

Sponsorship closing date 8 september 2023


Southern Crossing is a Visual Content production hub. Established by photographers and videographers with more than two decades of professional experience in producing moving and still images. A technical and creative experience to serve the needs of clients, being these Editorial, Commercial, or Corporate.

Logo Southern Crossing Images.jpg

The use of high technical standards for Sound Recording, Image quality, and flawless production process aims to create images that fit and exceed the client's expectations. Together with our powerful images, what makes Southern Crossing different is the ability to carefully listen to the needs and truly interpret the vision of our clients.

Img South.jpg

We are prepared to walk together from storyboard to final product. While we mostly work in the Southern Africa region, our current network and logistic experience allows us to reach and carry out assignments throughout the continent.

Img South2.jpg
ReTrade logo.png

re:Trade is a leading provider of innovative, compliant, and comprehensive supply chain solutions. We revolutionise the way businesses approach their supply chain, focusing on transparency, efficiency, and sustainability. With our state-of-the-art technology and expertise, we help clients navigate global regulations and build a durable competitive advantage. Trust us to be your preferred partner in the ever-changing global market, leveraging our expertise and staying at the forefront of supply chain advancements.


Our mission is to optimise the supply chain without compromising on compliance and exceptional service. We recognise the individuality of each business, which is why we have developed a customisable TMS (Transport Management System) platform specifically designed to meet your unique needs. Our focus is on building tailor-made solutions that seamlessly integrate compliance measures, empowering your business to thrive. 


re:Trade envisions being the leader in compliant supply chain solutions, empowering businesses globally. With end-to-end services emphasizing sustainability, transparency, and efficiency, we’re the trusted partner for a resilient competitive advantage. Count on reTrade for innovative solutions and expertise in global regulations.

HOMI Fashion & Jewels

The Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries is currently collaborating with FIERA MILANO to help Businesses and Organizations in the South African fashion sector to increase their visibility and their business network at European and international level through participation in HOMI FASHION & JEWELS 2024.

When: February 2024

Where: Rho, Milan (Italy)


What’s Homi F&J?

An international event with over 45.000 visitors to present the cutting-edge collections of accessories, apparel and jewellery to buyers from all over the world and discover the creative trends of the market.

What’s the visitor’s profile?

  • RETAILER (boutique, chain store, department store)







If you would like to take part in HOMI F&J 2024 as an exhibitor and require any further information, please do not hesitate to send an email to to set up a Zoom meeting.

homi FJ.png


Buyer Programme


The Italian South African Chamber of Trade and Industries (ItalCham) is currently sourcing applications to set up a Buyer Delegation for Ecomondo (7-10 November 2023 – Rimini Expo Centre, Italy), the leading expo in Europe for technologies, services and industrial solutions in the green and circular economy sectors.  


The ecological transition requires to address the challenges we face today: the restoration and regeneration of soil and hydrosphere, the green and circular urban planning cities, the sustainable use of water resources, the level of adoption of circular economy within specific value chains as: WEEE, paper-cardboard, textile and plastic, agriculture and building.
We will talk about these themes at Ecomondo, with, among others: the European Commission, the FAO, the OECD, ISWA International and experts from around the world, coordinated by the Scientific Technical Committee.

ItalCham’s Buyer Delegation will also have the opportunity to attend the Forum “AFRICA GREEN GROWTH - Sustainable Development: The Water-Energy-Food Nexus”.


Six successful applicants will receive the following benefits:

• 3 nights for 1 buyer per company in a 4-star hotel on B&B treatment;

• transfer from the airport to the hotel and vice versa;

• daily transfer from the hotel to the expo and vice versa;

• free admission ticket to the expo;

• lunch at the expo.


Buyers will have to undertake:

• to follow the scheduled 30-minutes appointments agenda with Ecomondo exhibitors for the duration of one day (ten B2B);

• to deliver the complete agenda with signatures at the end of the day of meetings;

• to fill in the online questionnaire at the end of the meetings;

• to return to the fair the following day to visit other companies of interest to you.


If you wish to join the Ecomondo Buyer Delegation complete the application form by 15th September 2023.

Please note: there is only room for one more participant.

To enquire, email at





Please note:

  • the company representative who will visit Ecomondo must be a decision-maker;

  • the e-mail address must be the direct address of the buyer;

  • the activities selected must match the company profile;

  • all companies with a turnover of at least ZAR 20.250.000 or with concrete projects in progress or in the start-up phase can apply. The project must be well explained in the dedicated section.

Alla prossima!

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