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Fortnightly Italian news made in South Africa

 I edition November 2023

Found in translation
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Chamber's Note


What comes first? Big ideas or the language necessary to describe them? This question has been the preoccupation of many a philosopher. Regardless of what the answer may be, it is clear that language is essential to us, essential to communities. Some scientists even go so far as to say that language is what separates us from other species.

Language is like a portal to other worlds. Here at the Chamber, we deal with two worlds and endeavour to build a bridge between them. Language is an essential material in the construction of this bridge, allowing these two worlds, South Africa and Italy, to come together. Of course, with all beautiful things such as language, there are levels to these concepts. South Africa itself has 12 official languages (having recently added sign language to the list), and while Italy technically only has one official language, the language on the boot changes from region to region, allowing one to discover other dialects as well as other languages such as Neapolitan, which is considered a language by UNESCO.

A curious aspect of language-sharing is the tendency, which we’ve all experienced, of humans to teach each other swearwords from their respective languages, as if it were as essential to learn as asking where the train station is. This is called “swearword borrowing” or “swearword mixing”. There are many possible reasons for this, and humour is certainly one, but it seems that a great motivator is the capacity of swearwords to contain common sentiments in very unique ways. If it’s one thing we can all bond over, regardless of geography, it is the trial and tribulation of life which is so central that it can be reduced to a few syllables. One might say that an exchange of swearwords is shorthand for “I know exactly what you mean!”


When one learns a language, one gives themselves the opportunity to interact with more of the world. Cultures influence language, and language culture. And while these languages are a clear indicator of the diversity both in our country and the world at large, they are also, almost paradoxically, an indicator of our shared and common heritage. One need only analyse the words used to describe our most sacred familial bonds across the globe to see this. Baba, ab, papà, pater, vader, father and far are all words to describe father.

Something covered at the recent unconference on A.I and language was that language is an inescapable tool which has linguists and companies asking themselves more and more which languages to promote and use, taking into account both social and market factors. As much as language evolves organically, in a Darwinian manner in fact, with the more popular and easier to use languages growing faster than others and dwarfing them, there is of course also an immense influence by humans themselves who consciously, and at times quite brutally force the growth of their languages at the expense of others. Due to the advent of A.I and other technologies, the capacity to socially influence language, both positively and negatively has increased dramatically. The power is certainly in our hands, we just have to use it correctly.

A guiding principle in deciding correctly is the acknowledgement that while language is our most important and defining tool, it is more than just a tool. It expresses the sentiments of the people who use them, and its words thread together to form a flag of its speakers. Working in our intercontinental and local context, on trade fairs, buyers programmes, bilateral events and the cultural events like the Settimana della Cucina, the Chamber is its own unique creature in the linguistic forest in which we all find ourselves; and there’s only one way to navigate it… together, insieme, ndawonye, saam and so forth.

European Chambers' 2nd

Golf Day Cape Town



Practical information 

The second edition of the European Chambers’ Golf Day in Cape Town is an event that has become an annual feature for the local and international business community active in the Western Cape; 4 organizing Business Chambers, totaling a network of over 700 corporate members:

• Belgian Chamber of Commerce for Southern Africa (BCCSA)

• Business Ireland Southern Africa

• Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries

• Spanish Chamber of Commerce in South Africa

The venue is the Metropolitan Golf Club, one of the top golf courses in the Western Cape, with modern facilities and a comfortable venue to accommodate the guests.

Expected attendance of 64 players, plus the guests of the respective Business Chambers and a number of local and international VIPs.

Ample opportunity to network, before and after the golf competition, during the prize-giving ceremony, and at the buffet dinner.

The price for the four-ball is 4800 (excl. VAT), including snacks and dinner, drinks, and golf giveaway goodies.

For more information regarding these sponsoring packages, please get in touch with Patricia Miliakidis at

Sponsorship closing date 10 November 2023

Southern Africa Europe CEO Dialogue

Schermata 2023-10-25 alle 22.15.19.png

Building an exclusive, influential community of leaders for growing their enterprises, their countries and their continents

Watch the video about the ten-years evolution of the Summit.

In just a few years, the Summit has become the key annual event for European and African political and business leaders, the objective being to strengthen their strategic relationships, foster in-depth interaction among peers and government officials and promote growth with a multi-stakeholder approach.

The "Southern Africa Europe CEO Dialogue" is a two-day event, by invitation only and limited to 200 CEOs, organized in collaboration with primary international public and private stakeholders from the two regions. It combines plenary sessions, industry-focused roundtables and side-events, and high-level networking opportunities.

This edition will be a cornerstone of our long-lasting initiative.

Schermata 2023-10-25 alle 22.21.53.png

Participation is free of charge and in-person only.

To attend, please complete the registration form.

Schermata 2023-10-25 alle 22.21.53 copia.png

8th Week of Italian Cuisine in the World

13-19 November 2023

Pretoria  - Johannesburg 

Cape Town - Durban

Cucina2023 pic SQ 04-80.jpg

Get ready for an extraordinary food and wine adventure that will tantalize your taste buds and transport you to the heart of Italy without leaving South Africa! 

The Italian-South African Chamber of Commerce  is pleased to present:

The 8th Week of Italian Cuisine in the World 


From Monday the 13th to Sunday the 19th of November, in some of the finest Italian restaurants in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, you will have the opportunity to taste delicious traditional Italian dishes, each course paired with a specially selected imported Italian wine. 


The event promotes the virtues of the Mediterranean Diet, highlighting the importance of adopting a balanced, health-conscious approach to dining. 


Are you ready for a culinary experience that will leave you breathless?


Mark your calendar: November 13-19, 2023

Locations: 19 Restaurants Across Pretoria - Johannesburg - Cape Town - Durban


Book your table now and take your palate on a great new adventure 

WICW2023 Mail footer_0.5x-80.jpg


OOC Logo 062023.png
MF659 Front_estesa.tif

Introducing Olivetti Office Connect (Pty) Ltd, a sales and service company with over 100 years combined experience.

Offering the Italy’s Olivetti renown range of office machines.

Our technical support team are trained by Olivetti S.P.A. – Ivrea. Through our dealer network we are able to supply and provide technical backup nationwide.

Amongst the Olivetti brand we also offer telecommunication solutions including VBX, PBX fibre, wireless and LTE connectivity and other brands.


Olivetti Office Connect (Pty) Ltd ca be contacted on:


Contact number: 011 262 2810

Address: Olympia Gardens cnr Olympia & Southway Strs Eastgate Ext 6 Sandton 2090



ItalCham is currently sourcing applications to set up a BUYER DELEGATION for SIGEP - 45th International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and the Coffee World (20-24 January 2024 - Rimini Expo Centre, Italy).


SIGEP is the world's leading B2B event to discover the latest news, innovations and trends in the Dessert and Coffee Food Service Industry: raw materials and ingredients, machinery and equipment, furnishings, packaging and services.

A unique meeting place for dialogue with companies and professionals to discuss industry scenarios and an opportunity for business, networking, professional updating and sharing for the following sectors:


  • GELATO: SIGEP is the only trade show in the world featuring the entire supply chain of Artisan Gelato.

  • PASTRY: the world's top event for the entire supply chain of the Artisan Pastry business.

  • CHOCOLATE: the only world-class industry expo showcasing excellence throughout the Artisan Chocolate supply chain.

  • COFFEE: the entire coffee supply chain showcased in a not to be missed event for the industry.

  • BAKERY: the world excellence of raw materials and semi-finished products, combined with the innovations of the best technologies and the latest trends in Italian-style premises formats.



• 3 nights for 1 buyer per company in a hotel on B&B treatment

  Arrival date: Monday 22nd Jan 2024

  Departure date: Thursday 25th Jan 2024

• transfer from Bologna airport to the hotel and vice versa;

• daily transfer from the hotel to the expo and vice versa;

• free admission ticket to the expo;

• buffet lunch at the expo.


Please note: airplane ticket to be paid by the buyer.



• to follow the scheduled 30-minutes appointments agenda with SIGEP exhibitors for the duration of one day (if you have not reached 10  appointments with the online “My Agenda by IEG” between December 4th and January 16th, you will add others directly at the expo);

• to deliver the complete agenda with signatures at the end of the day of meetings;

• to fill in the online questionnaire at the end of the meetings;

• to return to the fair the following day to visit other companies of interest to them.

Istituzionali (3)_edited.jpg





Please note:

- the company representative who will visit SIGEP must be a decision maker;

- the e-mail address must be the direct address of the buyer;

- the activities selected must match the company profile;

For further information please send an e-mail to

Alla prossima!

Job Opportunity

There is a new job vacancy on the SMILE Job Portal:

You will find where to apply on the above link.

View this and other job vacancies on the SMILE website via this link - CLICK HERE

If you are currently hiring, please take a look at SMILE vetted candidates HERE





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