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Sunset Skies

Ecco Chamber

Fortnightly Italian news made in South Africa

 III edition November 2023

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Chamber's Note


The word for ‘sunset’ in Italian is tramonto, which means something like “beyond the mountains”, describing the end of the sun’s parabolic voyage across the sky. History is filled with many beautiful myths about the details of our favourite star’s antics after it goes beyond the mountain. According to Roman mythology, as well as Greek, the Sun was a fiery chariot driven across the sky by the god Apollo every day. It was speculated that Apollo and his chariot would find themselves in some dark underworld.

This is reminiscent of a Maori myth in which the god Maui used ropes to slow the sun and extend the days of the Maori people. As in the case of the Greco-Roman myth, it was believed that the journey beyond the horizon involved battles with creatures of the night.

The nighttime connotes uncertainty and fear, but the beautiful thing about sunsets is that they’re never a goodbye, and always an ‘until we meet again’. Before long, the sun, on its cyclical journey through the underworld (or more likely the other hemisphere) returns to bring the light and certainty which characterizes the daytime.

This issue of Ecco Chamber serves two purposes. First, it serves to usher in the final month, a shortened one too, which will bring a close to this year’s activities at Italcham. Second, it is to remind our members that this is one of many fruitful years to come.

This year saw the chamber host events across the country including a talk by renowned journalist Federico Rampini who discussed the position of Africa within the wider geopolitical context, a number of Aperilinks including one in Port Elizabeth, a screening of a Rugby World Cup match between New Zealand an Italy (a particularly sad sunset for many of our Italian attendees), the Business Excellence Awards which celebrate industry leaders and notable businesspeople from the community, as well the assistance and promotion of many other events within the community across the country.

In addition to community events, Italcham continued to provide market entry services to clients from both Italy and South Africa, adding Italchannel Digital Marketing to this bouqet. These services and events were provided by Italcham’s core staff, as well as interns from Italy who together steered the reigns of the chariot that guided us through 2023. Our tally of events and services spans across a number of diverse industries, media and locations which reflect the characteristic dynamism of the Chamber and its mandate. While these services and areas vary, they come together in a coherent and beautiful way, much like the yellows, oranges, reds and violets of the sunset which blend together seamlessly.

We at the Chamber have noticed that each event, each intern and each client bring something unique and memorable to the year – special details, each deserving of attention, that colour our activities with particular moments and memories. Much like the ‘green flash’, which one might witness as the sun dips behind the horizon, there is always something special to mark an activity at the chamber, a colleague or a member. No one sunset is the same, nor is any one year which is constituted by 365 of them.

To view the sunset is of course a great exercise of perspective.  While it may seem that the sun is escaping from us, it is in fact we who are temporarily escaping the sun. This perspective defines our sense of time; it is our movement to and away from the sun which defines our days and around the it which defines our years. As we wind down on this this fruitful cycle, our motion anticipates the sunrise of 2024, which already promises plenty. Italcham looks forward to seeing you beyond the mountain, and joining you for our next event where the orange of the sky is often accompanied by the orange of a good spritz, and better company.

an aperitivo and business networking event

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Tuesday, 5 December 2023 from 18.00

The Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries

is pleased to present

the Goodbye 2023 Aperilink in Johannesburg!


Come join us at the Ciccio Restaurant - Melrose Arch Piazza,

for an aperitivo with authentic Italian food

and top business contacts!

Bring your friends, partners and colleagues and be part of an evening of business networking, live music entertainment, great welcome drink, and the best Italian food.




R 180 + VAT ItalCham Members

R 250 + VAT Non-Members


Dress code:

smart casual


We look forward to seeing you on

Tuesday, 5 December 2023 from 18.00


XXIII Edition

Schermata 2023-11-24 alle 16.36.43.png

Also this year, from 4 to 6 December, the historic Labia cinema hosts the XXIII edition of Italian Film Focus, a film festival dedicated to the best new releases in Italian cinemas.


The eight films proposed in this edition come from the most important and recent international festivals and will be introduced by some prestigious guests.

Click here to watch the TRAILER of the Festival

Click here to go to the full PROGRAM

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KEY 2024
The Energy Transition Expo
Schermata 2023-11-14 alle 17.05.48.png



• Check in: Tuesday 27th Feb 2024

   Check out: Friday 1 March 2024

• transfer from Bologna airport to the hotel and vice versa;

• daily transfer from the hotel to the expo and vice versa;

• free admission ticket to the expo;

• buffet lunch at the expo.


Please note: airplane ticket is not covered and must be paid by the applicant.

Deadline for application is 15 December 2023

KEY - The Energy Transition Expo, Europe’s leading show dedicated to technlogies, services, integrated solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energies in Italy and the Mediterranean basin, puts the spotlight on the acceleration of energy and climate policies and the opportunities opening up in the market. 

It is an opportunity to present technological innovations and financial challenges in a setting that will combine an ever larger area for exhibitors and a range of events with a growing international presence. 

KEY provides a complete overview of the world of energy transition, showcasing entities, associations, organisations, utilities, companies and start-ups contributing to the energy transition in various fields:










Visitors come to KEY to identify new business partners and suppliers (80%), to find out about innovations, new products and cutting edge technical solutions (85%)*.

Reasons to attend K.EY include:

  • Achieve your economic and growth goals by sourcing from new national and international markets.

  • Become part of an active and relevant community in the energy transition sector, multiplying training and networking opportunities.

  • Find exposure to cutting-edge brands in the energy transition space and ensure your company is exposed to the international context, to new suppliers and other new contacts, presenting innovations and projects to the market..

  • Learning about trends, projects, technologies, news, funding, regulations and best practices to support the energetic transition, while maintaining an international outlook.


5 - 7 March 2024
CTICC - Cape Town International Convention Centre

AD24_Social Version4-min.jpg

The Africa Energy Indaba 2024 is the definitive energy conference for Africa providing an annual programme that shapes energy policy for the African continent. Delegates drawn from all over the world represent an unparalleled combination of industry experts, CEOs, project developers, financiers, energy users, government officials and manufacturers.

With more than 4000 participants, 37+ African countries represented, 156+ speakers and 200+ exhibitor stands, the Africa Energy Indaba is a unique forum to advance opportunities and projects.

4 March complete.jpg

Reasons to attend the Africa Energy Indaba 2024:

  • Learn from the industry leaders the changing energy landscape in South Africa

  • Meet and connect with sector specialists

  • Learn about the future of energy

  • Do business via business networking with high-level attendees, speakers, sponsors and investors at the event

  • Discover the latest technologies: evolving grid technologies (e.g. micro, mini and off-grid solutions), renewable and cleaner energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles

  • Explore opportunities in Africa.

For more info on this event visit:

To book a stand please contact:
AEI exhibition stand_2.png

Job Board

There is one new job vacancy on the SMILE Job Portal:

You will find where to apply on the above link.

View these and other job vacancies on the SMILE website via this link - CLICK HERE

If you are currently hiring, please take a look at SMILE vetted candidates HERE




Alla prossima!

Chamber's Note
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