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CourierIt provides a specialized domestic and international express courier service. Our focus is on creating and maintaining integrated service provider/client relationships that stand the test of time: We employ passionate people, innovative technology, and cutting-edge infrastructure to integrate seamlessly with our clients and to provide a service to our customers.

With over 23 network hubs and14 branches in South Africa, our footprint enables us to deliver to anywhere in South Africa. This is further enhanced with our ability to leverage off the RTT Group infrastructure. The following network dynamics enables us to provide a reliable offering to our customers.

· Stable Distribution Network structure;

· Secure Linehaul and Airfreight Operations;

· Superb Network utilization to maximize on service level outputs;

· Extensive Owner Driver Program for last-mile fulfillment.

COURIER IT offers:

· Overnight Courier;

· Same day Courier;

· Non-Express;

· Economy;

· Door to Counter;

· International Document and Parcel Imports and Exports;

· International Cross Border Economy;

· International Airfreight;

· Insurance and Claim Facilitation;

· Reverse Logistics.

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