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"MASTRANTONIO - 25 Years of culinary excellence, celebrating Tradition, Culture, and Innovation. Founded in 1996, Mastrantonio celebrates the ART OF GOOD LIVING and is a brand synonymous with authenticity, quality, and good value.

The Mastrantonio Group comprises multiple brands in various sectors of the foodservice landscape. Activities include the sourcing, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality local and imported food products. The Group also operates retail outlets, restaurants, functions, and events catering.

Mastrantonio’s eateries include restaurants, coffee shops, casual to formal dining offering authentic cuisine. Brands include, Illovo, Il Leone, Don Armando, Maestro and Toni. The latest addition a deli, MASTRO. Gabbiano and Ruscotti are Product Brands. Artevita changes lives celebrating culinary, visual, and performing art.

Mastrantonio’s Corporate Catering division was integrated into Bidvest Catering Services to form Bidvest Mastrantonio, the service supplier of choice to many top corporate brands."

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