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BEA Call for Nominations

The Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries has been organising the Business Excellence Awards annually since 1999 as a Charity Gala Dinner.

The evening will serve to not only recognise the efforts of the Italian Business community

but also help raise funds for the Little Eden foundation, a non-profit the Italian-South African Chamber has assisted for a number of years.

BEA is a great opportunity for companies and attendees to build their network, helping them to connect and integrate the Italian and South African economies.

This year the following categories will be awarded:

Business Person of the Year

Business Enterprise of the Year

Best SME from SMILE Network

Lifetime Achievement Award

The first 3 awards categories are open to nominations from the public.

You can indicate your preferences at this link

This year's Business Excellence Awards will be a moment where we can be proud to be Italians

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