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Tender Opportunity - Water and Sanitation on construction of Tsomo Ngqamakhwe bulk water pipeline

The Construction Unit of the Department of Water and Sanitation is rolling its sleeves, readying itself for the construction of the long awaited Tsomo Ngqamakhwe Bulk Water Pipeline. The pipeline is one of the water projects to be undertaken by the Department this financial year and it is set to improve water supply to Ngqamakhwe, Butterworth and surrounding areas. The project designs have been completed and the project engineer is on site whilst waiting the Department of Labour to satisfy itself with all the necessary requirements needed before the commencement of any construction work. Upon completion of the work by the Department of Labour, the project site will be established.

The department is satisfied with the preparatory work done so far and it is confident that the ball will get rolling as soon as all the consultative work has been completed.

To date, a site for building a reservoir has been identified, so has the  road crossing  and the route for village crossing. The location where a pump station will be built has been identified and the area where the pipe will traverse along the slopes to the village has also been identified.

The department has also started engagements with local project teams As well as with the social facilitation and engineering teams.

The Phase 1 of the project which consists of the construction of a pump station, reservoirs and a pipeline from Tsomo Water Treatment Works to Ngqamakhwe is expected to cost approximately R481 million.

Phase 2 consists of the construction of a bulk water pipeline from Ngqamakhwe to a reservoir and the last phase will be the construction of another bulk water pipeline from the command reservoir to a water treatment works in Butterworth.

The Department of Water and Sanitation is steadfast in constructing water infrastructure that will meet the needs of communities and ensure adequate water supply for generations to come.

The department appeals to all communities to protect water infrastructure meant to provide water to them and to use water sparingly for the benefit of everyone.

For more information contact: Sputnik Ratau Spokesperson for the Department of Water and Sanitation Cell: 082 874 2942

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