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Tender Opportunity - Saldanha liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) import terminal.

Location Western Cape, South Africa.

Project Owner/s Sunrise Energy is majority owned by MOGS (60%), a subsidiary of Royal Bafokeng Holdings (RBH), with the State-owned Industrial Development Corporation (31%) and Illitha Group Holdings  (9%) as minority participants.

Project Description The project’s terminal facilities will include a storage facility and multibuoy mooring system, located in Big Bay, in Saldanha Bay, for the docking of LPG vessels. The vessels will range from 5 000 t to 6 000 t.

The product will be offloaded from ships at the mooring system and transported through a subsea and overland pipeline to the onshore terminal, where the LPG will be blended and odourised to specification, before being dispatched to customers using road/rail loading, direct cylinder filling, a pipeline to downstream customers or storage facilities. 

Phase 1 of the Sunrise Energy terminal will cater for 5 500 t of storage, which includes the multibuoy mooring system, and will allow for up to 17 500 t a month of LPG to be imported. The project is designed in a modular way to respond to growth in demand, with an ultimate storage capacity of 16 500 t after the implementation of Phase 3, corresponding to a throughput capacity of 52 000 t a month or 624 000 t/y.

The LPG terminal will be an open-access facility – it can be used by any gas importer, distributor or downstream user to import LPG. This will ensure easier entry for all participants in the LPG distribution sector. Subsequent phases will be suited to the delivery of LPG to a power generation project in Saldanha.

Capital Expenditure R1.2-billion.

Phase 1 will cost an estimated R900-million.

Planned Start/End Date Construction started in February 2016. The facility will be commissioned and operational by April 2017.

Latest Developments The new crude oil terminal was commissioned on April 17, 2020, with the successful receipt of about 900 000 bbl of crude oil.

Key Contracts, Suppliers and Consultants Aveng Engineering (engineering and procurement); WBHO (onshore terminal construction); Clough Murray & Roberts Marine (marine facilities and pipeline construction) and Efficient Engineering (LPG bullet fabrication).

Contact Details for Project Information Sunrise Energy project development manager Karen Lowe, tel +27 21 551 4866, fax +27 86 660 7813 or email

Aveng Engineering, tel +27 10 205 1000, fax +27 87 807 0143 or email WBHO, tel +27 11 321 7200, fax +27 11 887 4364 or email Clough Murray & Roberts Marine, tel +27 11 456 6200, fax +27 11 455 2222 or email

Efficient Engineering, tel +27 12 460 9580, fax +27 12 346 6135 or email

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