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Finstone GroupThe Finstone Group is a global and vertically integrated dimensional stone company. Finstone has expanded over the last 12 years from its roots as a quarrier of dimensional granite in South Africa to emerge today as one of the world's largest dimensional stone companies with offices and investments on six continents spanning the full spectrum of the industry including quarrying, distribution, processing, wholesale and retail distribution, finished product and stone processing equipment and consumables.

A privately-held family company, Finstone began with the acquisition of some small quarrying interests in South Africa and has grown into one of the world’s largest producers of rough dimensional stone. Today Finstone’s quarry interests extend beyond Southern Africa to include Brasil, USA, India, Australia, and China. These quarries work together with Dorking AG, the Group’s wholesale block distribution company, and M+Q, the Group’s retail block distribution company. Today the Finstone Group is estimated to be the largest exporter of dimensional stone in the world.

Finstone also operates or has participated in processing facilities in Southern Africa - Minaco Divisione Lastre, Spain and the Czech Republic – RG Kamen and China – Wanli Stone. Products from these factories are distributed through its wholesale division Kalula AG and its retail division Stone Connection. Both these companies are very active in the sourcing and distribution of a huge range of materials from around the world, relying on the Group’s local networks to source and procure the best quality products.

This vertical integration and the total solutions offered to its clients have enabled Finstone to grow to become a global Group directly employing over 1600 people with a substantial presence in every major market and on every continent. With many new projects already in place, Finstone is expected to continue expanding within the Natural Stone Industry and to further establish itself as the industry leader.

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