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Business Breakfast with Pavlo Phitidis

Updated: Jul 3

There is little doubt that the framework against which global business, and the multinationals that operate in it, have relied upon to win work and deliver profits is fracturing. The fundamental principles that established the framework are being corroded by geopolitics, climate change, technology, economic and social change.

The old way of doing things as well as the old guard need to change to remain relevant and in fact, lead the change to get ahead of competitors. Failing to do so places you either on the back-foot or a gradual death. Think of what Tesla has done to the automotive market and then further, how the Chinese EV industry is already usurping that in the West. Think of Temu as the front attack on Amazon that itself ate traditional retail.

Leaders find themselves caught between rocks and very hard places. Acting with uncertain or insufficient information opens the door to mistakes, cost and reputational harm. Yet, acting after certainty has been attained is likely to find you on the back-foot eroding any previously held advantages.

Adaptive leaders need two things to find the balance. A winning vision and a dynamic business model that places them in the front row of changing customer needs and wants will earn a front-row seat into the signals of change. The first responders are likely to be the most relevant to win the market. Lead or be led in response to competitors that lead.

Join business growth specialist, Pavlo Phitidis for a business breakfast where he will share a framework to get ahead of the market, based on 5 elements:

  • Mindset

  • Objective

  • Strategy

  • Tactics

  • Execution

There will be time for Q&A with Pavlo, as well as to connect with peers and colleagues.

Date: 24 July 2024

Time: 07h30 arrival for 8 am start to 10.30 am

Venue: The Capital, Melrose Arch

Price: Member -R250 / Non member R450

If your role requires you to lead a business, lead a team and/or work with SMEs, please join us.

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