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Ecco Chamber

Fortnightly Italian news made in South Africa

 II edition August 2023

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SMILE Rugby Event Cape Town

 Italy VS All Blacks

13 - 19

Settimana della Cucina Italiana


European Chambers' 2nd Golf Day Cape Town

Chamber's Note

“Hear ye, Hear ye!”: Becoming a Nexus in the Italian South African Community

While the bells, robes and medieval haircuts have all but disappeared from our modern world, the role of ‘town crier’ is one which has outlived many a profession. The town crier was a person tasked with standing in the town square, often swinging a bell or shouting “hear ye, hear ye”, and announcing to the townsfolk various pieces of news, edicts, and events to take place. There might also, in this town square, be a board upon which various notices are nailed; ‘apprentices being sought at the local blacksmith’ or perhaps, more excitingly, a reward for the capture of some local bandit.

As clichéd as the role may be, it is an essential one. One that has, to some degree, always existed in human communities. As societies grow, so too does the intricate web of services and roles of which it is composed. There are thousands of services needed and thousands of companies and persons to provide them. In a society as complex as ours, there is now more than ever a greater need for channels through which these various role-players can communicate.

In the last few years, actors in the Italian-South African trade community have been engaging more and more with one another. Often, an event will combine independent organisations, Italian and South African business, and even branches of government. On a smaller, but no less important scale, our members and non-members alike are seeking the most suitable partners, suppliers or consumers for their businesses.


In light of these developments, the Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries prides itself on taking up the bell and robes (figuratively) in our community’s town square. Though one may not find such a description in our extensive list of services, more and more we are seeing ourselves as one of the nexuses of information and communication in our community.

In the last few issues of Ecco Chamber alone, one has seen content ranging from events featuring internationally acclaimed academics, to seminars on corruption and ecological transition. Our Aperilinks have started to feature across numerous provinces in the country, and as the distances covered by our functions grow further and further, our web of connection grows all the closer. We feature Italian film festivals, as well as our latest services and offers.


While the Chamber itself may not be omniscient in its grasp of geo-political academia, ecological transition, and anti-corruption activism, we are committed to making sure all the members of our community know what’s going on and can find exactly what they’re looking for by using our nexus of connection, publication and contacts.

The Chamber continues to be grateful for our relationship with you, and we hope to keep playing our part in our flourishing community.

Join us for Casa Serena's annual spring ball to support the elderly of our community

Casa Serena Fundraising Ball 2023 - image.png

Join us for Casa Serena's annual spring ball. Be ready for an exquisite evening of authentic Italian food by Settebello, live entertainment and an opportunity to participate in a raffle/auction for exclusive prizes.

Support our community of elderly and volunteers that are making our residents' life one of fulfillment and dignity.

*For further information, please email

IN 2040

A discussion forum on how to tackle
youth unemployment in South Africa

Most companies are trying to learn more about their possibilities to increase youth employment - here is an event that will provide helpful insights.

Dr. Maximilian Matschke spent more than 5 years conducting extensive field research in townships across South Africa, interviewing more than 100 experts, and analysing statistical data. He believes by building various well-researched and documented scenarios, tangible solutions can be found and made available to companies active in the South African business landscape.

This research culminated in his PhD which concludes with 4 different scenarios by 2040. These are presented in his book “Youth Unemployment Scenarios in South Africa in 2040”.

Despite South Africa's current political and economic situation, Max is convinced there are concrete and achievable solutions at hand. During this event, he will take us through a number of scenarios and present possible strategies for businesses to fight youth unemployment. The event, which is co-hosted with other European Chambers, will include an informative presentation and engaging discussion; an interactive platform for guests to contribute actively. It promises to be memorable and impactful.










The event will encourage lively inter-chamber exchange and networking possibilities.

All participants will have an opportunity to take home a copy of the latest book on this topic to study this challenge further and identify possible pathways to lower youth unemployment.



Date and Time:

26th September 2023 | 07:30am for 8:00am



Glenshiel House, Westcliff


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European Chambers' 4th

Golf Day 


The Austrian, Belgian, French, German, Irish, Italian, Nordic, Portuguese, and Spanish Chambers of Commerce have teamed up to organize the 4th edition of the European Chambers’ Golf Day in Johannesburg. It will take place on Tuesday, 3rd October, at the beautiful Randpark Golf Club in Johannesburg. This Golf Day, co-hosted by these 9 Chambers, will bring together a host of Executives, CEOs, and Directors from medium to large companies, from various sectors and Industries. This event will offer an exclusive platform for the participants to network with stakeholders from various chambers, business organizations, investment associations, and local government representatives, including Embassies and the EU delegation.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to showcase your brand, in front of a captive audience of high-profile attendees.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 12.13.06.png

Practical information 

The fourth edition of the European Chambers’ Golf Day, an event that has become an annual feature for the local and international business community active in Gauteng; 9 organizing Business Chambers, totaling a network of over 1,500 corporate members

• Austrian Business Chamber (ABC) 

• Belgian Chamber of Commerce for Southern Africa (BCCSA) 

• French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FSACCI) 

• Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SAGCC) 

• Business Ireland Southern Africa 

• Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries 

• Nordic-South African Business Association (NSBA) 

• South African Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (SAPCC) 

• Spanish Chamber of Commerce in South Africa 

The venue is the Randpark Golf Club, one of the top Golf courses in Gauteng, with modern facilities and a comfortable venue to accommodate the guests.

Expected attendance of 240 players, plus the guests of the respective Business Chambers and a number of local and international VIPs. 

Ample opportunity to network, before and after the golf competition, during the prize-giving ceremony, and at the buffet dinner. 

The price for the four-ball is R5500 (excl. VAT), including snacks and dinner, drinks, and golf giveaway goodies. 

For more information regarding these sponsoring packages, please get in touch with Patricia Miliakidis at . 

Sponsorship closing date 8 september 2023


A comprehensive strategy to address the energy crisis, unemployment and environmental challenges


We know that ramping up the use of renewable energy is vital in addressing South Africa’s energy crisis, but what about concerns regarding a just energy transition to avoid job losses? And will renewables provide solutions to other pressing matters such as the economy and environment? Roberto Vigotti, Secretary General of RES4Africa Foundation, answers with a resounding ‘yes’.

Logo Res4africa.png

“Clean energy will expand Africa’s access to reliable, safe and affordable energy, ensure positive environmental benefits through the use of more sustainable solutions, and address Africa’s socio-economic challenges, for example, unemployment,” says Vigotti. “In addition, Africa’s GDP will witness an increase of up to 6.4% on average leading to 2050, thereby generating around 8 million jobs in the renewable energy industry.”


RES4Africa Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation that functions as a bridge between Europe and Africa. It gathers a network of members from the clean energy sector on both continents and high-level international partnerships to create an enabling environment for scaling up investments to accelerate a just energy transition on the African continent.


Within the Foundation, the Southern Africa Programme works to support the region, to maximise its huge renewable energy potential through research and study dissemination, capacity-building programmes and stakeholder engagement. Its continued partnerships with local companies, industry associations, academia, government, and national and international organisations, bears testimony to the Foundation’s intention to continue working towards the best outcomes for South Africa.


Renewable solutions have the power to kick-start a positive multiplier effect, providing new opportunities for youth employment, since access to energy means new possibilities for entrepreneurial initiatives, safer urban and peri-urban environments, more rapid and cleaner cooking procedures, and more.


With Eskom’s ambitious coal plant decommissioning plan, RES4Africa strives to support South Africa’s efforts to implement a just energy transition which addresses the needs of workers and communities in former coal regions. To this end, the Foundation, in partnership with a range of local and international stakeholders, established the Re-skilling Lab.


Such an initiative focuses on laying the technical foundation for the establishment of a widespread training experience based on renewable skills in the Mpumalanga province.


The first aim of the project is to accelerate the mind-shift of the local community to a sustainable economy by preparing a skilled future workforce that is able to respond to the industry needs: young learners from technical colleges are the elective target.

















To achieve this objective, the role of local existing training entities is crucial, and the collaboration with the TVET colleges is at the core of the project. As such, last year the Re-skilling Lab launched a pilot project in collaboration with Nkangala TVET College, near to Komati power station, the first coal plant decommissioned by Eskom.

The pilot has been designed to enhance the TVET’s technical expertise in energy and include actionable renewable-related skills programmes as part of its standard curriculum. The first phase of the project, ‘Training of Trainers’, focused on training 10 lecturers from five TVET campuses to deliver various renewable energy courses.


The second phase, currently in motion, is a formally accredited renewable energy skills programme, offered to learners enrolled in the college. The course includes practical lessons in a designated lab, with equipment – provided through RES4Africa – that mirrors real-life working conditions.


Crucial to the success of the Re-skilling Lab is the employability of learners who have completed their training. For this reason, the Lab is working closely with renewable energy manufacturers and providers such as Enel Green Power to identify ideal skillsets and collaborate on work experience opportunities for the students.


Furthermore, entrepreneurial training focused on rooftop PV panel installation and maintenance for a future distributed generation scenario will be organised within the pilot with the wider community in mind.


Re-skilling is one of the main keywords of South Africa’s endeavours towards fully sustainable energy systems”, notes Roberto Vigotti. “In the last decade, we have witnessed how crucial it is to have skilled, conscious and resilient human capital, especially in the fast-growing market of renewable energy.”


A systematic, well-planned and quick deployment of sustainable energy sources is Africa’s biggest chance to improve the living conditions of its population in a sustainable way, paving the road for a competitive and green future, providing skills and employment possibilities, and putting an end to the crippling energy crisis on the continent.

Born in 2012, RES4Africa (Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa) is a Foundation that works in support of Africa’s just energy transition in order to achieve the SDG7, ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. It functions as a bridge between Europe and Africa: gathering a network of members from all over the clean energy sector from both continents and high-level international partnerships, we ensure constant dialogue between the most relevant energy stakeholders willing to mobilise investments in clean energy technologies.

Buyers Programme


The Italian South African Chamber of Trade and Industries (ItalCham) is currently sourcing applications to set up a Buyer Delegation for Ecomondo (7-10 November 2023 – Rimini Expo Centre, Italy), the leading expo in Europe for technologies, services and industrial solutions in the green and circular economy sectors.  


The ecological transition requires to address the challenges we face today: the restoration and regeneration of soil and hydrosphere, the green and circular urban planning cities, the sustainable use of water resources, the level of adoption of circular economy within specific value chains as: WEEE, paper-cardboard, textile and plastic, agriculture and building.
We will talk about these themes at Ecomondo, with, among others: the European Commission, the FAO, the OECD, ISWA International and experts from around the world, coordinated by the Scientific Technical Committee.

ItalCham’s Buyer Delegation will also have the opportunity to attend the Forum AFRICA GREEN GROWTH - Sustainable Development: The Water-Energy-Food Nexus”.


Six successful applicants will receive the following benefits:

• 3 nights for 1 buyer per company in a 4-star hotel on B&B treatment;

• transfer from the airport to the hotel and vice versa;

• daily transfer from the hotel to the expo and vice versa;

• free admission ticket to the expo;

• lunch at the expo.


Buyers will have to undertake:

• to follow the scheduled 30-minutes appointments agenda with Ecomondo exhibitors for the duration of one day (ten B2B);

• to deliver the complete agenda with signatures at the end of the day of meetings;

• to fill in the online questionnaire at the end of the meetings;

• to return to the fair the following day to visit other companies of interest to you.


If you wish to join the Ecomondo Buyer Delegation complete the application form by 1st September 2023.

Please note: the registration period will close early if the delegation reaches its maximum number of participants (6).

To enquire, email at





Please note:

  • the company representative who will visit Ecomondo must be a decision-maker;

  • the e-mail address must be the direct address of the buyer;

  • the activities selected must match the company profile;

  • all companies with a turnover of at least ZAR 20.250.000 or with concrete projects in progress or in the start-up phase can apply. The project must be well explained in the dedicated section.

Alla prossima!

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