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Renergen, listed in both South Africa and Australia, is the only holder of an onshore petroleum production right in South Africa and holds 100% of the rights to the Virginia Gas Project in the Free State. The project boasts the world’s highest helium concentration, with the last well drilled containing 12% helium as compared to a globally average of less than 0.5%. It is also a completely renewable energy source, with the methane in the gas being continually regenerated by bacteria living in the carbonaceous rock, deep underground.

Helium is critical to life-saving technology such as MRI, but also necessary for many high-tech applications including the manufacture of TVs, fiber optic cables, microprocessors, and many other devices.

Renergen recently entered into a joint venture with Total to distribute Liquefied Natural Gas, or LNG, through filling stations to supply trucks on the N3 highway by 2021. By 2023 the network will extend across the country, lowering truck’s running costs and carbon emissions.

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