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Quiver Tree Capital

Quiver Tree is a structuring and advisory firm that specializes in B-BBEE. Quiver Tree’s commercially driven strategies are efficient, making compliance cheaper and improving its client's B-BBEE levels.

Quiver Tree’s offering includes:

Ownership solutions that have proven attractive to many foreign-owned multinationals

An Enterprise and Supplier Development solution that consistently and predictably increases profit margins

A Scorecard Optimization service that helps clients achieve their target B-BBEE level at a significantly reduced cost

The directors of Quiver Tree are seasoned international investment bankers. They bring more than 50 years of experience in deal origination, structuring, and implementation to each Quiver Tree transaction.

B-BBEE is a gatekeeper to an increasing number of opportunities in South Africa. Quiver Tree’s insights and approach have turned B-BBEE into a competitive advantage for its clients

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