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Southtrade (Pty) Ltd has a 60-years experience in the import/export of agricultural machinery, mostly from Italy. Based in Cape Town, the company has built a reputation as a reliable partner and has consequently acquired a sizeable share of the agricultural machinery market in Southern Africa. 


POSITION: Import, Procurement and Logistics Manager




The ideal candidate will have the following requirements:

-          Italian native-speaker with excellent knowledge of the Italian culture

-          Fluency in English

-          Knowledge of the Mechanical sector (technical terminology and challenges)

-          Good knowledge of Microsoft Office package.

-          Understanding of foreign trade procedures, regulations and logistics from Italy. 

-          Ability to work with small teams

-          Knowledge of other languages is an advantage

-          Italian-South African dual citizenship or permanent residency and work permit in South Africa.



-         Communications with approximately 30 Italian suppliers   

-         Negotiating with factories for favourable prices, terms and conditions

-         Organising the logistics of imports and exports 

-         Discussing the packing of FCL / groupage FCL with freight forwarders 

-         Organizing and hosting tours to Italy of south African clients interested to buy  

          Italian goods. She obviously should not need to apply for a visa to enter 


-         Translating technical issues for south African workshops / technicians from 

English to Italian and vice-versa.

-         Arranging itineraries for Italian suppliers visiting South Africa

-         Promoting Italian products at marketing events 

-         Transfer of technical and marketing information to our dealer network by 

translating into English  



Please email your CV to

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Internship opportunities: Become part of our Team!

The Italian-South African Chamber offers an internship program from January to December addressed to students or young workers that wish to live an experience abroad.

Nevertheless we must specify some points…

  • The Chamber doesn’t reimburse any expense that might occur

  • The cost of life is of about 800 euro, which includes house rent, car rent, food, fuel and all normal daily-life expenses for working days and weekends.

  • The rent of the apartment (included in the above-mentionned 800 euros) is of 300 euros per month (to be paid directly to the owner of the house)

  • An international driver license is required  because public transport are not efficient in South-Africa.

  • A medical insurance cover is required

  • No vaccinations are required

  • The level of criminality in the country is higher than in Italy, but if someone follows the right precautions there is no actual harm

  • In South-Africa all credit cards circuits should work but we suggest to verify with the bank before leaving the home country.​

Due to VISA reasons, the period of stay in South Africa cannot exceed 90 days, if the student wants to stay over 3 months we can organize
the VISA request. 


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